Thursday, April 28, 2011

the body shop vitamin c energizing face spritz

i bought this today. read the review yesterday. more updates on how it would make your skin energized! watch out.

update 5/20/11 : after using this, feels kinda sticky on your face. and the lemon smell lingers.

charles and keith

i love the tan color of this bag!!! charles and keith originated in singapore and i love their trendy styles and the price is affordable too! i am a weaker for bags and i want to try their merchandise too.

lets see if their man-made material would last the weather and dusts of manila.

i got this bag because of the size ( oversized in other terms) but i think its not so oversized for me.

update 7/12/11:
still not wearing out. the leather is doing great. using this bag on a daily basis. let's see if this would be durable.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bath and body works pocketbac

some months ago, i happened to spot girls with hand sanitizers clinging on their bags. at first, i thought they were just trends or decors of fashion so i ignored them in random until my sister Irene gave me this bath and body works pocketbac hand sanitizer which smelled fantastic!!!

i also spotted some "imitations" from Watsons... oh well, fashion and trends are made to be imitated.

this made me want more of the other fragrances... i never stopped using it ( warm vanilla sugar) ever since i got hold of this and makes you smell so un-airy and un-perspir-ey.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


lipout is the newest weight loss management tool that helps you lose weight, control and maintain it without any unpleasant side effects. available at mercury drug for 24Php per tablet. take 2-3 tablets after each meal for optimum effects.

it contains Litramine found in cactus which have superior fat binding capacity.

more from LIPOUT here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

nine west central time medium shopper

got this for 5500Php at Nine West, SM Mall of Asia last year. the bag can carry lots inside but the problem of going through my things inside a dark compartment made me buy a bag organizer from Beabi. i will post some pictures of the organize im telling you about. if you love to switch bags, a bag organizer is worth it.

sketchers Meow tone-ups

got this at 20% off during a sale at SM San Lazaro yesterday. paid off by queuing nearly 2 hours in line!!

sketchers meow in natural tan color
:: tone up while you walk. designed to help promote muscle toning in your legs and look great while you go about your daily activites::

let's see how toned up i would be after wearing this.

feel tall though.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


pens have always been on my life ever since but it was just lately that, with the "help" of my lady friends who are also fanatics of pens, made me tried buying one.

Lamy fountain pens are made in Germany and they are the coolest thing. This is the Safari Red with chrome clip and comes with a free medium tip, a converter where you can fill your inks and 2 cartridges ( black and blue )

pen at Php1495; if you want to purchase an extra nib, it would cost around Php619 each.

"Made of ABS plastic. Colour: shiny red. Characteristic, ergonomic grip section. With flexible clip of shiny chrome.

Fountain pen with steel nib, polished. With LAMY ink cartridge T 10 blue."

i also bought a separate black ink but really, the cartridge writes a long way.

longchamp arbre de vie ( blanc)

wohoo! who would not want something like this? oh well oh well. i have this! in classic white. i was contemplating of choosing whether it would be the navy or the blanc but decided on the white because of its elegance. i just have to store in proper place since manila is full of dusts. more pics to follow.

i got this in medium long handle. just enough room for my stuffs.

update : july 22, 2011 i have to clean it everytime i use it but the good thing is that dirt could be easily scrubbed off with water and gentle soap. just do not contact it with inks!

Monday, April 11, 2011

moleskine sketchbook

moleskine sketchbook ( from ). avalon sells used books and affordable moleskines to moleskine-hunger peeps like me :). browse through their list of books and other items too. however, of course, shipping will be shouldered by the buyer since this is an online store. good feedback with them, immediate response from the owner.

july 11, 2011 : by the way, moleskine sketchbook is great for fountain pens. though not so slippery, it does not bleed that much.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

crocs kadee

Just purchased this Crocs Kadee ( espresso ) at SM Mall of Asia, W7 at Php1850. I owned another Crocs ( Mary Jane - pink ) which has the same feel of a croclite material--soft and bouncy to the feet. I have yet to wear this while driving to say that this would make good driving shoes too!

I wonder if the material would tend to expand in time. Since this does not have a strap on the heel side and it's quite comfy on my feet, I have yet ( again ) to review the stretchability of croclite in due time.

The Kadee comes in various colors.

Right now, I would love to walk flat.