Wednesday, August 22, 2012

bag of a kind

not long before, i was gifted with this. a precious one, speedy 35 monogram canvas.

verdict : who does not like it? it can accomodate many things inside the smelly leather. however, me as a tote bag lover had a hard time carrying the short handle on my arms. but i don't care. who cares anyway?

Revlon mineral make up

i just love this! i have used approximately 7 bottles of these.. not only are they great for touch ups but they are so good on top of foundations or any primer. they are shimmery but just so mild. they make your skin look young and not dry, not matte. problem is that it is rapidly depleted, so you can just imagine 7 bottles likely in a year. i dont know if the problem was me or the powder... 

another good thing here is that when you apply the mineral on your face, you have this sensation of coldness on your skin. so i think this makes sense when i said that i could finish 7 bottles! the feeling of cold splash of water on your face is quite irresistible especially during summer!

anyway, i will try to update and take pics of my brushes which comes with the make up. i decided not to throw them away.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Loreal White

in a span of in betweens, i also tried the L'oreal white collection to make my skin rosy. they are great choices, makes your skin feel refreshed. does  not break me too! i used this on top of  Loreal youth code ( which now is on my 3rd bottle ) .

the youth code is a serum where i apply it after my pond's facial wash. it has this non drying effect and i really love the product. no break outs.

for the night cream, you have this nice reflection and aura upon waking up.

L' Occitane Immortalle

after i was done with Avon Reversalist cream. i went back to my Loreal Revalift night cream however, i also tried the L' Occitane Immortalle precious cream ( by accident ) for the morning routine and at first it was giving me the best feeling. skin felt smooth and fresh but after 2 weeks, i began to break out so i stopped it. the scent was not to my liking but to give justice to this immortalle product, i can only say that to each his own. it really depends on your skin's adaptation. i tried using it on my neck instead.


after Revlon Revitalift, i changed to AVON REVERSALIST eye cream and tried the kit consisting of foam wash, toner, day and night cream.

my verdict:

foam wash - not dry when used

toner - dried out my skin

day cream - not that lifting effect. i used it when i was in china and macau and i do not like the effect it gave.

night cream - no lifting effect.

in total, i stopped using the kit.

however, i love the eye cream. it consisted of cream and an eye brightener which i think may have some effect when applied minutes after applying the cream. it gave me a somehow lifted effect.

it has been so long

it has been so long since i blogged about my stuffs. i will try to do them as much as i can do. thanks.