Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bath and body works pocketbac

some months ago, i happened to spot girls with hand sanitizers clinging on their bags. at first, i thought they were just trends or decors of fashion so i ignored them in random until my sister Irene gave me this bath and body works pocketbac hand sanitizer which smelled fantastic!!!

i also spotted some "imitations" from Watsons... oh well, fashion and trends are made to be imitated.

this made me want more of the other fragrances... i never stopped using it ( warm vanilla sugar) ever since i got hold of this and makes you smell so un-airy and un-perspir-ey.


  1. I have been lusting after these for the past two months. The red velvet cupcake one is damn yummy smelling :)

  2. thanks for the input. will try red velvet cupcake soon!!!