Thursday, September 6, 2012

BB cream battle

this is my first time to post comparisons and i hope i can give valuable informations to you all.

BB creams are invading the market!!! i read somewhere that BB creams originated in France but the koreans and japanese were the ones who influenced society and so here we are, trending ourselves too!

i want to review the Body Shop all-in-one BB cream and the L'oreal Lucent magique BB

each comes in tube like packaging which makes it convenient to use.

colour-adapting tinted cream
shade 01

lucent magique BB skin illuminating BB cream

advantage of these packagings is that you can control the squeezing action of the cream. no wastage.



BODY SHOP : milky
L'OREAL : milky but slighty viscous /cream like

you will also notice that they both contain granules or capsules which you can see visibly on close look.

after spreading the creams, you will see that body shop has a shimmery effect on your skin while l'oreal emanated white hue.

spreading further, its shimmer vs. matte

after quite some time, body shop finale color was pinkish and l'oreal's was in yellow tone.

so it really depends what your preference would be. if you prefer shimmer, body shop is for you. matte goes for L'oreal.



- good packaging
- spreads easily
- dewy feel
- under foundation, doesn't mix
- skin tone and natural color maintained even if under a white( fair) foundation
-good light effects on your skin

- pricey ( about 1100Php ); i have to use my body shop loyalty card to avail of discounts
- just 25 ml
- light coverage
-may be a bit oily for some



- good packaging
- creamy and not that liquid in consistency
- matte effect
- affordable ( 695Php )
- 30 ml
- fresh feel, not oily
-medium coverage

- if you use it with white foundation, whitening is enhanced.
( will update if used with a non-whitening foundation)

i cannot review on the repurchasing aspect since i have to try on more factors. i will update again with their usage using different foundations.

thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

bag of a kind

not long before, i was gifted with this. a precious one, speedy 35 monogram canvas.

verdict : who does not like it? it can accomodate many things inside the smelly leather. however, me as a tote bag lover had a hard time carrying the short handle on my arms. but i don't care. who cares anyway?

Revlon mineral make up

i just love this! i have used approximately 7 bottles of these.. not only are they great for touch ups but they are so good on top of foundations or any primer. they are shimmery but just so mild. they make your skin look young and not dry, not matte. problem is that it is rapidly depleted, so you can just imagine 7 bottles likely in a year. i dont know if the problem was me or the powder... 

another good thing here is that when you apply the mineral on your face, you have this sensation of coldness on your skin. so i think this makes sense when i said that i could finish 7 bottles! the feeling of cold splash of water on your face is quite irresistible especially during summer!

anyway, i will try to update and take pics of my brushes which comes with the make up. i decided not to throw them away.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Loreal White

in a span of in betweens, i also tried the L'oreal white collection to make my skin rosy. they are great choices, makes your skin feel refreshed. does  not break me too! i used this on top of  Loreal youth code ( which now is on my 3rd bottle ) .

the youth code is a serum where i apply it after my pond's facial wash. it has this non drying effect and i really love the product. no break outs.

for the night cream, you have this nice reflection and aura upon waking up.

L' Occitane Immortalle

after i was done with Avon Reversalist cream. i went back to my Loreal Revalift night cream however, i also tried the L' Occitane Immortalle precious cream ( by accident ) for the morning routine and at first it was giving me the best feeling. skin felt smooth and fresh but after 2 weeks, i began to break out so i stopped it. the scent was not to my liking but to give justice to this immortalle product, i can only say that to each his own. it really depends on your skin's adaptation. i tried using it on my neck instead.


after Revlon Revitalift, i changed to AVON REVERSALIST eye cream and tried the kit consisting of foam wash, toner, day and night cream.

my verdict:

foam wash - not dry when used

toner - dried out my skin

day cream - not that lifting effect. i used it when i was in china and macau and i do not like the effect it gave.

night cream - no lifting effect.

in total, i stopped using the kit.

however, i love the eye cream. it consisted of cream and an eye brightener which i think may have some effect when applied minutes after applying the cream. it gave me a somehow lifted effect.

it has been so long

it has been so long since i blogged about my stuffs. i will try to do them as much as i can do. thanks.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

revitalift Night cream

i am on my 7th day revitalift night cream regimen and all i can say is that after waking up in the morning, my skin stays hydrated and not oily. not dry and stay "put". not that obviously tightened but you can see that its not "old" looking.

the smell smells like lotion on my body. not medicinal. not fruity. on the neutral side.

after applying it, its not that cool. first few days, i can feel some stinging but no redness but afterwards, its gone. now i do not feel anything anymore after applying it.

i dont know if there's anything psychological about applying these beauty regimen about anti-aging. they say that the best is prevention and before you show any signs, it's best to prevent it. so here i am, preventing any disaster!

Friday, July 15, 2011

revlon colorburst lip gloss

i bought this lip gloss because i was given an ad brochure for that. so with a good advertising paraphernalia to go with it, i decided to try it.

true to the writing, it glides easily and is GLOSSY. true gloss. shiny and not sticky. when used alone, it serves as a lipgloss-lipstick. color is great because i got the rose gold one!

overall effect is classy. price is less than a thousand so its affordable.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

revitalift contour

this afternoon, i will get hold of this. i will make a review if its really true. i am showing signs of a turkey.. i mean getting old, that's nearing 40 i guess... i can see small saggy features on my pictures compared to when it was 5 years ago ( of course, silly!). anyway, will get back on this once i tried this.

update july 15, 2011: i have been using this for 3 days. nothing noticeable but i can feel my skin smooth and moisturized. i did not use it on my face since the salesgirl said not to put on my face. i want to feel the effect of un-sagging but i think it may take weeks or more bottles for that to happen. ciao!

update july 22, 2011 : on the contour i can see some teeny weeny improvement on the edges but not so much on the neck area where i have lines. the lines have been blurred a little.

Monday, July 11, 2011

noodler's nib creaper pen

how i love flex nibs!!! they are so challenging to use but costs quite a fortune so this is my first and hopefully i can have my next one coming in few months time.

will take some time before i get the hold of calligraphy again...

by the way, this is care of my friend au who bought in the stuffs.. her kindness and love of pens too!

after reading the reviews on the nib creaper : these are refillable deep cut triangle nibs and stylographic roller fountain pens with ebonite feed and piston filler.

the nib does not really flex much and so my hands are working more than they should when writing. i understand that flex writing really depends on the nibs. i also read that vintage flex nibs are way softer. but of course, i can bear with this no problem with it. its just i also want to feel the bearing on a vintage one soon.

i will have to replace the ink ( the capacity is small ) and so i have to watch some videos on how to disassemble and clean it.

the downstrokes does not have much thick lines and i think it goes for the flex points which is not as, well, not as vintage-ey but for a good price as such and for a beginner like me, i can succumb to it.

writing on moleskine sketchpad. might bleed a little but tolerable.

Friday, May 20, 2011

l'oreal hydrafresh antishine

just bought this while scanning the beauty section of SM. costs about 399.00 each 50ml bottle. i immediately tried it on my face. there is this cool sensation instantly after washing. wont feel dry. smells good too but i have yet to try on hot and humid or on an exercised face.

till then...

update: july 12, 2011
so far so good. on my 2nd bottle now. i used it after every wash every morning only. after applying toner ( from neutrogena, will have to blog this ), i apply hydrafresh. there is this non sticky cooling sensation and leaves skin matte not oily. smell is fine not so strong. does not makes my skin red and itchy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

the body shop vitamin c energizing face spritz

i bought this today. read the review yesterday. more updates on how it would make your skin energized! watch out.

update 5/20/11 : after using this, feels kinda sticky on your face. and the lemon smell lingers.

charles and keith

i love the tan color of this bag!!! charles and keith originated in singapore and i love their trendy styles and the price is affordable too! i am a weaker for bags and i want to try their merchandise too.

lets see if their man-made material would last the weather and dusts of manila.

i got this bag because of the size ( oversized in other terms) but i think its not so oversized for me.

update 7/12/11:
still not wearing out. the leather is doing great. using this bag on a daily basis. let's see if this would be durable.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bath and body works pocketbac

some months ago, i happened to spot girls with hand sanitizers clinging on their bags. at first, i thought they were just trends or decors of fashion so i ignored them in random until my sister Irene gave me this bath and body works pocketbac hand sanitizer which smelled fantastic!!!

i also spotted some "imitations" from Watsons... oh well, fashion and trends are made to be imitated.

this made me want more of the other fragrances... i never stopped using it ( warm vanilla sugar) ever since i got hold of this and makes you smell so un-airy and un-perspir-ey.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


lipout is the newest weight loss management tool that helps you lose weight, control and maintain it without any unpleasant side effects. available at mercury drug for 24Php per tablet. take 2-3 tablets after each meal for optimum effects.

it contains Litramine found in cactus which have superior fat binding capacity.

more from LIPOUT here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

nine west central time medium shopper

got this for 5500Php at Nine West, SM Mall of Asia last year. the bag can carry lots inside but the problem of going through my things inside a dark compartment made me buy a bag organizer from Beabi. i will post some pictures of the organize im telling you about. if you love to switch bags, a bag organizer is worth it.

sketchers Meow tone-ups

got this at 20% off during a sale at SM San Lazaro yesterday. paid off by queuing nearly 2 hours in line!!

sketchers meow in natural tan color
:: tone up while you walk. designed to help promote muscle toning in your legs and look great while you go about your daily activites::

let's see how toned up i would be after wearing this.

feel tall though.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


pens have always been on my life ever since but it was just lately that, with the "help" of my lady friends who are also fanatics of pens, made me tried buying one.

Lamy fountain pens are made in Germany and they are the coolest thing. This is the Safari Red with chrome clip and comes with a free medium tip, a converter where you can fill your inks and 2 cartridges ( black and blue )

pen at Php1495; if you want to purchase an extra nib, it would cost around Php619 each.

"Made of ABS plastic. Colour: shiny red. Characteristic, ergonomic grip section. With flexible clip of shiny chrome.

Fountain pen with steel nib, polished. With LAMY ink cartridge T 10 blue."

i also bought a separate black ink but really, the cartridge writes a long way.

longchamp arbre de vie ( blanc)

wohoo! who would not want something like this? oh well oh well. i have this! in classic white. i was contemplating of choosing whether it would be the navy or the blanc but decided on the white because of its elegance. i just have to store in proper place since manila is full of dusts. more pics to follow.

i got this in medium long handle. just enough room for my stuffs.

update : july 22, 2011 i have to clean it everytime i use it but the good thing is that dirt could be easily scrubbed off with water and gentle soap. just do not contact it with inks!