Friday, May 20, 2011

l'oreal hydrafresh antishine

just bought this while scanning the beauty section of SM. costs about 399.00 each 50ml bottle. i immediately tried it on my face. there is this cool sensation instantly after washing. wont feel dry. smells good too but i have yet to try on hot and humid or on an exercised face.

till then...

update: july 12, 2011
so far so good. on my 2nd bottle now. i used it after every wash every morning only. after applying toner ( from neutrogena, will have to blog this ), i apply hydrafresh. there is this non sticky cooling sensation and leaves skin matte not oily. smell is fine not so strong. does not makes my skin red and itchy.


  1. Our buys have a lot in common! I bought this in december. am still using it. its amazing as its not thick or creamy. And i live in a super humid city so its awesome!!

  2. as of today ( july 11, 2011 ) i have my 2nd bottle. i still love it.