Tuesday, July 12, 2011

revitalift contour

this afternoon, i will get hold of this. i will make a review if its really true. i am showing signs of a turkey.. i mean getting old, that's nearing 40 i guess... i can see small saggy features on my pictures compared to when it was 5 years ago ( of course, silly!). anyway, will get back on this once i tried this.

update july 15, 2011: i have been using this for 3 days. nothing noticeable but i can feel my skin smooth and moisturized. i did not use it on my face since the salesgirl said not to put on my face. i want to feel the effect of un-sagging but i think it may take weeks or more bottles for that to happen. ciao!

update july 22, 2011 : on the contour i can see some teeny weeny improvement on the edges but not so much on the neck area where i have lines. the lines have been blurred a little.

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