Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Revlon mineral make up

i just love this! i have used approximately 7 bottles of these.. not only are they great for touch ups but they are so good on top of foundations or any primer. they are shimmery but just so mild. they make your skin look young and not dry, not matte. problem is that it is rapidly depleted, so you can just imagine 7 bottles likely in a year. i dont know if the problem was me or the powder... 

another good thing here is that when you apply the mineral on your face, you have this sensation of coldness on your skin. so i think this makes sense when i said that i could finish 7 bottles! the feeling of cold splash of water on your face is quite irresistible especially during summer!

anyway, i will try to update and take pics of my brushes which comes with the make up. i decided not to throw them away.

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