Thursday, September 6, 2012

BB cream battle

this is my first time to post comparisons and i hope i can give valuable informations to you all.

BB creams are invading the market!!! i read somewhere that BB creams originated in France but the koreans and japanese were the ones who influenced society and so here we are, trending ourselves too!

i want to review the Body Shop all-in-one BB cream and the L'oreal Lucent magique BB

each comes in tube like packaging which makes it convenient to use.

colour-adapting tinted cream
shade 01

lucent magique BB skin illuminating BB cream

advantage of these packagings is that you can control the squeezing action of the cream. no wastage.



BODY SHOP : milky
L'OREAL : milky but slighty viscous /cream like

you will also notice that they both contain granules or capsules which you can see visibly on close look.

after spreading the creams, you will see that body shop has a shimmery effect on your skin while l'oreal emanated white hue.

spreading further, its shimmer vs. matte

after quite some time, body shop finale color was pinkish and l'oreal's was in yellow tone.

so it really depends what your preference would be. if you prefer shimmer, body shop is for you. matte goes for L'oreal.



- good packaging
- spreads easily
- dewy feel
- under foundation, doesn't mix
- skin tone and natural color maintained even if under a white( fair) foundation
-good light effects on your skin

- pricey ( about 1100Php ); i have to use my body shop loyalty card to avail of discounts
- just 25 ml
- light coverage
-may be a bit oily for some



- good packaging
- creamy and not that liquid in consistency
- matte effect
- affordable ( 695Php )
- 30 ml
- fresh feel, not oily
-medium coverage

- if you use it with white foundation, whitening is enhanced.
( will update if used with a non-whitening foundation)

i cannot review on the repurchasing aspect since i have to try on more factors. i will update again with their usage using different foundations.

thanks for viewing!

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